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Okinawa Branch NOW OPEN! Japanese Used Cars (in partnership with Ti-da Garage)

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our presence to the sunny and tropical islands of Okinawa preferecture in the very south of Japan!  Following numerous requests from US Servicemen who are stationed or who are visiting Okinawa, we established Japan Partner's very own branch, right in the heart of Naha, Okinawa prefecture’s capital.  We partnered up with Garage Ti-da, which is a major, well-established company in Okinawa that deals in many areas starting from Real Estate, Corporate Logistics, and including with automotive services. 

For US servicemen stationed or visiting Okinawa it will give several important advantages:

  • You will be able to check with your own eyes the car that you are about to purchase
  • You can pre-order specific car of your interest (in case we do not have it in stock)
  • We can help you with arranging financing for your car through the bank that can help with car loans for servicemen
  • A friendly Japanese manager fluent in English will assist you and guide you through the process of purchasing a car of your interest

Please call us or email us in order to find out which cars we currently have in our Okinawa branch so we could set day and time when you can visit us

Contact Information in Naha, Okinawa: 


Phone:  098-917-1112        Fax: 098-890-0562

Address:      Mamekobo Ltd, Ti-da shosyun Building, 6-3-3,

Oyama, Gonowan-shi, Okinawa, Japan 901-2223,


Okinawa Branch map

Currently we have the following japanese used cars in our Okinawa branch that you can personally examine there:

Toyota Supra Turbo

Nissan Skyline GT-R Twin Turbo  BNR32

Nissan Fairlady Turbo

Or you can check our inventory located at our head office.  Please follow this link to check it

Japanese used cars for sale in Okinawa

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 for sale in Okinawa

Okinawa branch of Japan Partner Inc.


Our head office contact information is:


Phone:            +81-567-94-0015  (international dial) or 0567-94-0015 (domestic dial)

We can ship to Okinawa any of the cars located in Nagoya as well . 

We look forward to hearing from you soon


Japan Partner Team

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Nissan Fairlady Z, 1990

Stock No: 27708, 300ZX Twin Turbo, 1990, 3000cc, 78260km

USD 6,450

Nissan Fairlady Z, 1992

Stock No: 26307, , 1992, 3000cc, 139020km

USD 4,439

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 27684, GT-R 4WD, 1992, 2600cc, 104930km

USD 17,995

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 25475, GT-R, 1992, 2600cc, 202300km

USD 15,995