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Shipping options

We offer multiple choices how to ship your cars from Japan.

1. Pick up a car at our yard.

Pick it up yourself from one of our yards. Once the payment is confirmed we will send you a map to our yard. If necessary we can help you load your car onto the transport you arranged for yourself. This option is often used when you live or stationed not far from our yards (in Nagoya, or in Okinawa) in Japan.

2. RO-RO shipment.

RO-RO means Roll On & Roll Off. This is when your car is shipped in a large special car ferry vessel inside, fastened with belts. For most customers this is the most preferred option for shipment because of price. If you look for purchasing just once car at once RO-RO shipment will be cheapest option. Unfortunately, RO-RO shipment isn't available for all ports. Please check if your port is available for RO-RO shipment. Only drivable cars can be shipped using RO-RO. Tractors, forklifts and other machinery cannot be shipped using this method.

Pricing for RO-RO shipment: Car shipping cost

3. Containerized shipment.

Your cars can be loaded either in 20ft or 40ft container. It is safer to ship cars in a container but might cost you more to do so. However if you plan to purchase several cars at once, cost of containerized shipment might be comparable or even cheaper than RO-RO shipment, because we can fit up to 2 cars into one 20ft container and up to 4 cars into 40ft container.

Damanged, not-rolling cars, tractors, excavators, forklifts and other machinery can be shipped only using containerized shipment.

For our regular customers we can offer combined shipment, when we load parts and other goods from Japan into container together with cars.

Pricing for containerized shipment: Car shipping cost

For customers from Canada we offer sharing container option. When we load cars of different customers into one container.

If you are looking to purchase just one car, sometimes it is cheaper to receive the car in a port where RO-RO shipment is available rather than order shipment in container to the closest port to you.

4. Containerized shipment of car cuts.

Your cars can be shipped to you in a container in cuts. For some countries this option is the only available option to purchase cars from Japan.

5. Containerized shipment of used parts in bulk

For our wholesale customers we offer cars dismantling services, when they purchase multiple cars at lowest possible in Japan prices. We dismantle cars and professionally load them into container. Our company has all required licenses for dismantling cars in Japan.

We can ship up to 10 cars at once (minimum 5 cars) into 20ft container or up to 20 dismantled cars at once (minimum 12 cars) into 40ft container.

Read more about buying used parts in bulk

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