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Coronavirus update

Dear Customers, please note that our logistical operations are not affected by coronavirus situation and all purchased vehicles are shipped or being prepared for shipping in the normal order. Japan has one of the highest hygiene standards in the world making it possible to continue business with Japan even in the times when other countries are on lock down. Our offices are working as usual so please feel free to order any cars you may like on our site or the auction. Thank you for being our customer!


Auto Parts from Japan

Our company can assist our customers with used and new auto parts for both Japanese and European makes and models in various ways.

Used auto parts in bulk

If you are used auto parts warehouse in any country and looking for a reliable one-stop supplier of used auto parts, Japan Partner Inc can offer you most competitive conditions for purchasing, dismantling, container loading and shipping cheap Japanese cars for parts. Dealing in this area since 2003 we are proud to be the most experienced company offering you the whole range of services of this kind. Dismantled cars are shipped either in 40ft or 20ft containers.

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Used and new parts sourcing

For our regular customers who purchase cars and have them shipped in containers we can help is searching, aquiring and shipping used and new auto parts, as well as any other Japanese goods (tractors, computers, wheels, equipment) using the Japanese largest markeplace - Japaese Yahoo auction. You can purchase any used or new parts and we will ship them to you in your next container.

Used and new parts assistance for our customers

We can also assist you with finding new and used auto parts if you need them for the damaged cars you decide to buy from us. Once these parts are purchased, we can put them into your car so you don't have to pay shipping for these parts and will receive them together with the car. Japan Partner is one of the few companies, which offer this kind of service.

As a part of our customer support program we also can assist our customers with parts for the cars which they purchased from our stock. We can find a required parts using our sources and ship it at additional cost using EMS service to customers address.

Used car parts stocklist

We have a stocklist of available used car parts, which you can see here Car parts stocklist


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