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japanese used cars.our most popular stock


Why japanese used cars are the most preffered in the world

Cars in Japan are very carefully maintained and the Japanese roads are renown to be the best in the world. Maintenance standards for motor cars driven in Japan are one of the highest in the world. Japanese government discourages people to own cars more than 5-6 years through a tier based "shaken" (technical car examination) system - the older the car is the more "shaken" tax you have to pay.

Australia New car import law! 25 years old

We are glad to inform you that there were some beneficial for you changes made in Australia's car import law. Now you can import many of the most popular JDM models

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Recent reviews
Jonathan, USA

«I vouch for what they say (about condition and pre-shipment inspection). I have a GTO from them and when I was to change all fluids, it was all clear. The transaction was as smooth as it could be. 5 stars»

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Used cars auctions

Get access to 190+ car auction houses in Japan using a convenient online service. Choose cars, check auction sheets and place your bids for cars and get them for the lowest possible in price in Japan. We will handle the rest: all required paperwork, pre-shipping inspection, export cleaning and shipping to your country.

Used cars stock

While buying a car from auction can take months you can buy a car already available in our stock. Cars from our stock are thoroughly inspected by our experienced specialists before shipping, ensuring you won't face an unexpected repairs right after received a car.

Car dealers package

Are you a car dealer buying a lot of cars every month? We can offer you competitive conditions and rates for buying multiple cars from auctions. Containerized shipping allows you to get your cars (3-4 at once) shipped in the same container cutting your shipping costs.

Cars dismantling

Japan Partner provides car dismantling services for cars you buy from auctions or from our stock. A lot of options, including dismantling for big parts, car cuts and for further reassembling. On average we load 4-10 dismantled cars into 20 foot container and 15-20 cars into 40 foot container.


supplier since 2003


Iseki Tractor , N/A

Stock no 36030, BNR34, MT , 4WD, 1498 cc, E3CD-B14 , 374km

Iseki Tractor , N/A

Stock no 36006, BNR34, MT , 4WD, 1429 cc, E3CE-B08 , 349km

Kubota Tractor , N/A

Stock no 36005, BNR34, MT , 4WD, 1463 cc, D1463-LN , 538km

Japanese market offers a vast opportunity for businesses outside Japan to find good quantity of different used industrial, construction and farm machinery at very low prices.

Advantageos conditions are offered by our company to search and purchase any quantity of tractors, excavators, forklifts, cranes, bulldozers from stock and other multiple sources.

Smart container vanning and shipment in 20ft and 40ft containers without third parties will result in less expenses in logistics and shipping cost. Our experience in containerized shipment gives you more and more opportunities to earn.

Contact us if you want to have business with Japan Partner in machinery

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