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Auction System Tutorial

Car Auctions system is a mirror1 of the Japanese Online Car Auction System which will allow you to:


  1. Learn how Japanese Online Car Auction System (furthermore the system) works;
  2. Search for a specific vehicle (note that the system offers wide variety of items starting from power generator, construction machines, tractors, cars and ending with giant special equipment);
  3. Study auction sales statistics so that to be able to choose and place realistic/market bids for a specific vehicle;
  4. Get information on specification, features, condition and problems of a vehicle prior to placing bids;


How to start?


  1. Click to Used Car Auctions link

  2. Once you get onto Used Car Auctions, the following screen will appear

  3. The system automatically chooses the current day so, if you want to see vehicles to be sold forehead, choose appropriate day of the week and then choose maker

  4. Once maker is chosen, select model (Step 1) from the list of the second column and year of the car (Step2) you are interested in and click save. By doing so you will have a whole list of the specific car to be sold.

    Please note that you may shorten the list by applying filters to sort out by displacement (engine cc), mileage and, by other filters by placing marks in appropriate cells

  5. Go through the list and choose specific car (click on lot # of the car)

  6. Auction sheet of the chosen car will appear in the separate window

  7. Please get registered on if you want to buy cars from the Japanese Auctions and use Auction Services of Japan-Partner
  8. Once you get registered, place your bid and make/type down your comment (i.e. 1 car out of 5, two cars with different displacement etc.)



1Note that actual bidding is possible only in Japan by registered members or Japanese dealers

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