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(Contact us at or call +81-567-94-0015)

  • Access to 126 Auctions in Japan and USA
  • Find your own cars directly from the auctions
  • We have our own guest apartments
  • The most competitive Auction Service rates
  • Professional advice on quality, prices and logistics
  • Translation of the auction sheets
  • Fast shipping from our own container terminal
  • Dismantling service for Bulk Parts dealers

Not only does Japan Partner Inc. offer this fantastic competitive Auction Service, but we have the facilities to make major and minor repairs, paint touch ups, customizations. Recently we expanded our container loading facilities to handle up to 6 containers per day! We now have a professional semi-down draft paint booth give vehicles the highest quality finish! We also offer dismantling of vehicles for parts. Who else in the industry can offer everything in one place? Only Japan Partner Inc.

Call one of our sales staff today to find out more about our Auction Agent Services and everything else that we can offer to make your business more profitable by offering you the highest quality product available from Japan at the best prices!

Additional services:

What else can Japan Partner offer that our colleagues in the industry can't? Actually we have quite a few additional services. We are confident that we offer the most competitive package of additional services that can assure ONE STOP for any cars related business your are planning:


1. Partial Paint work. We have specialists to touch up small scratches to whole bumpers and body panels.
2. Full Repaint work. Our paint shop with state of the art paint mixer can create the exact factory colour for a full repainting of your vehicle.
3. Body work. Whether a fender needs to be replaced or just beat back into shape, our staff has the tools and expertise to do any job to make your car beautiful.
4. Accidented car repairs. Even vehicles requiring heavy repair can be taken to our frame straightening facility right here at the Japan Partner site.
5. With multiple vendors providing competitive prices for new parts to make your car shine.
6. Partial maintenance. We have a full time mechanic who can change the oil, radiator fluid and give you car a check before shipping.
7. Full maintenance. Same as partial maintenance but can include brake pad replacement, transmission oil, brake fluid and several other detailed checks.
8. DISMANTLING SERVICE. Name your cut! Front cut? Half Cut? Nose cut? We can strip the entire car and load all parts into either 20ft. 40ft. or 40 ft. high cube containers.
9. Container loading (cars only). Japan Partner has developed technology to assist our loading team to maximize the number of vehicles we load into each container, while maintaining safe distances between each unit.
10. Mixed container loading ( cars + other merchandise in one container) Make even more per load by adding parts, engines, suspensions and much more, making your ROI even higher.


If you are ready to proceed, please register with our web-site and then send your request for Auction service participation to

Thank you for your attention and we hope we will hear from you soon!


Auction Services Application Process


1. Please register to our website and create your account if you don't have it yet. It’s easy and free and you may find something in our stock you like.
2. Send your Auction Services request to Please include your name, address, phone number, the number of vehicles you plan to import each month , port name and the types of vehicles you require.
3. Once your application has been approved we will issue an invoice of 50% of the vehicle value as estimated by our purchasing department.
4. We will once we have a copy of your wire transfer document issue the auction service URL, log in along with a password so you can begin the search.
5. Once you have found the car you require please send us the Auction #, Lot #, year, make and model of the car along with the posted mileage so we are sure of the car you require to with you name in the subject line.
6. When the vehicle has been purchased, an invoice will be sent that day for the final 50% of the vehicle along with all other charges, FOB. If you need us to arrange Ocean Freight this will also be included in the invoice.
7. Once full payment has be received, all shipping arrangements will be made on either RORO or by container depending on the port and the number of vehicles you purchase.
8. All documents including BOL, Japanese Deregistration Certificate, Translation to English and a final colour copy invoice will be sent by courier once received in our office.
9. Once your vehicle arrives, the ship company will call you to pick up your goods. Just remember to take all documents with you before you head off to the port!
10. Place your next order and the process begins again!

50 percent deposit on estimated cost of vehicle required in advance
Once vehicle purchased outstanding balance must be transferred within 2 working days.
Current price is valid for 3 or more units purchased per month. If you would like to purchase one car — we can also help to find the car you want!
Japan Partner Inc.
A Member of JUMVEA
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Ph. +81-567-94-0015
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