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LHD Conversion

Japan Partner Inc. - RHD to LHD Conversions Launch

Japan Partner always listens to you, the customer, for what you want and need most. We have seen, more and more, requests for conversions kits or customers asking us to convert vehicles from RHD to LHD.

Over the last 7 months we have worked with several high tech Japanese firms to develop and source parts for our conversion kits. It really makes sense with the volume of cars we sell to provide this service. Initially we are offering conversion kits for the Toyota Corolla, years 2000-2006, the Mitsubishi Pajero, years 1993-1999, Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear from 1994 to 1997, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 1996-2002 and Toyota Hiace 1990-2004 year.

As only 32% of the world's population drive on the left and the remaining 68% drive on the right side along with the increase in requests for these conversion kits, we have positioned ourselves to be the industry leader in high quality, fully functional LHD to RHD conversion kits. Yes! Fully functional. The air-conditioning, Power Steering, Power Windows and all electronics are all fully functional. The wiring harnesses have been professional extended and tested by a high tech Japanese partner company, who adheres to the highest of standards when it comes to quality of our conversion kits.



  1. Dashboard upper part;
  2. Dashboard lower part;
  3. Steering Rack;
  4. Bolt for attaching Steering Rack;
  5. AC and Heater Unit;
  6. Fan Unit;
  7. Brake Pedal;
  8. Accelerator Pedal;
  9. Accelerator Pedal Bracket Bolt;
  10. Accelerator Wire Bracket Bolt Set;
  11. Low Pleasure Air-Conditioning Pipe Joint;
  12. High Pleasure Air-Conditioning Pipe Joint;
  13. Dashboard Bracket Bar;
  14. Mount for Adjusting Dashboard Bracket Bar;
  15. Ventilation Pipe;
  16. Brake Term Pipe;
  17. User Guide (explaining how to convert your car using this kit);
  18. Packing box;

    OPTIONAL COMPONENTS: - 390 USD including:

  19. Power Window Extension Harness (enables just to plug into existing harness);
  20. Power Window Main Switch;
  21. Power Window Switch Cover (left);
  22. Power Window Switch Cover (right).

These parts are optional and at your local workshop work involving this part can be done without them. If you have time and good workshop around - you will be able to reduce cost by not purchasing these optional components.

You can see an example of how your converted vehicle will look like after being converted with our conversion kit. All mechanical components are functional with our kit.




Toyota Corolla Years 2000 - 2006 Price: 1700 USD
Mitsubishi Pajero Years 1993 - 1999 Price: 1700 USD
Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Years 1994 - 1997 Price: 1700 USD
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Years 1996 - 2002 Price: 1700 USD
Toyota Hiace Years 1990 - 2004 Price: 1700 USD
Conversion Kit with Installation
Toyota Corolla Years 2000 - 2006 Price: 2800 USD
Mitsubishi Pajero Years 1993 - 1999 Price: 2600 USD
Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Years 1994 - 1997 Price: 2600 USD
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Years 1996 - 2002 Price: 2600 USD
Toyota Hiace Years 1990 - 2004 Price: 2600 USD

If you request Japan Partner Inc. to do the conversion work please allow 45 days from date of purchase before we can arrange delivery.


  • Japanese cars (Manufactured in Japan for Japanese market) are considerably better in quality compared to the same cars assembled elsewhere or not for Japanese market;
  • Due to the excellent condition of roads and practically absence of snow - Japanese used cars are kept and maintained in a much better condition than compared to other countries;
  • Due to the fact that most of the people are commuting by trains - a lot of cars come with low mileage compared to same models purchased from Europe or USA;
  • All conversion kits developed by high tech Japanese firm;
  • All conversion kits are fully functional;
    • Power steering, power windows, air-conditioning, all electronics;
    • Air conditioning professionally.
  • All conversion kits are tested prior to shipping;
  • All vehicles inspected again before shipping;
  • Currently Japan Partner Inc is the ONLY export company in Japan offering conversion kits;
  • Complete Solution - we can install conversion kits for you upon a request.

At this time no other exporter in Japan can provide the high quality conversions that Japan Partner Inc. has labored to perfect for your Quality Used Vehicles. Please call our friendly sales staff for quotes on large bulk purchases of these professionally developed high quality conversion kits. To order our conversion kits please send your email to or call our office phone.


Nissan Skyline ER34 GT-T -(TURBO)- (BNR34 GT-R Look, complete exterior copy of GT-R)

Regular ER34 GT-T (Turbo Model) is also available.

Following additional modification can be performed at additional cost:

  1. Installation of an after-market ECU with the ability to disable speed limiter and increasing HP for the engine
  2. Sports Air-Filter
  3. After-market high performance adjustable suspension
  4. Heavy Duty Inter-cooler
  5. Reinforced radiator piping
  6. Straight Exhaust system
  7. Reinforced Breaking system
  8. Bucket Sports seats
  9. Reinforced Earthing
  10. Installation of a rear reinforcing tower bar
  11. Installation of a cabin reinforcing safety bars

For additional details and pricing please contact our foreign trade department either by email or our regular office phones.

Please follow this link to see pictures for the conversion kit for Toyota Corolla

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Mitsubishi GTO, 1991

Stock No: 26841, TwinTurbo, 1991, 3000cc, 116000km

USD 6,000

Toyota CROWN MAJESTA, 1992

Stock No: 27402, Type B, 1992, 3000cc, 30500km

USD 3,438

Isuzu BIGHORN, 1992

Stock No: 27499, , 1992, 3100cc, 155570km

USD 3,995

Nissan SKYLINE, 1989

Stock No: 26382, GTE Sedan, 1989, 2000cc, 104300km

USD 2,980