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Mitsubishi Minica

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Stock No UP DW Maker UP DW Model UP DW Grade UP DW Price UP DW Year UP DW Steer. UP DW Displ. UP DW Mileage UP DW Options
Used Mitsubishi Minica

Mitsubishi Minica   USD 1,096 2004 Right 660cc 161,774 km
100,522 miles
Used Mitsubishi Minica

Mitsubishi Minica Toppo USD 1,854 1992 Right 660cc 80,000 km
49,710 miles
MITSUBISHI MINICA   USD 3,810 Right 660cc 51,768 km
32,167 miles

Please note that only 25-year old or older cars are legal for import into the USA as they are exempted from EPA and DOT Standards. Read more about importing used cars from Japan to USA:

Importing into the USA FAQ

Inventory of all 25-Year Old Cars for USA

Stock No UP DW Maker UP DW Model UP DW Grade UP DW Price UP DW Year UP DW Steer. UP DW Displ. UP DW Mileage UP DW Options
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Mitsubishi 1.5ton FORKLIFT (2)Mitsubishi AIRTRECK (6)Mitsubishi AWD LONG EXCEED (1)
Mitsubishi Bravo (2)Mitsubishi Bulldozer (3)Mitsubishi Canter (20)
Mitsubishi Canter CRANE TRUCK (3)Mitsubishi Canter Refrigerator (1)Mitsubishi Carisma (2)
Mitsubishi CHALLENGER (4)Mitsubishi Chariot (1)Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis (3)
Mitsubishi COLT (3)Mitsubishi colt plus (2)Mitsubishi Delica (10)
Mitsubishi DELICA SPACE GEAR (31)Mitsubishi DELICA STAR WAGON (1)Mitsubishi DIAMANTE (1)
Mitsubishi Dion (3)Mitsubishi Eclipse (2)Mitsubishi eK Sport (1)
Mitsubishi ek WAGON (9)Mitsubishi Emeraude (1)Mitsubishi Endeavor (1)
Mitsubishi Eterna (1)Mitsubishi EXCAVATOR (4)Mitsubishi Fighter (3)
Mitsubishi FTO (2)Mitsubishi fuso (4)Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter (6)
Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Refrigerator (1)Mitsubishi Fuso Great (2)Mitsubishi FUSO Super Great (1)
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck (5)Mitsubishi Galant (17)Mitsubishi galant fortis (1)
Mitsubishi Galant Fortis EXCEED CVT 1.8 (2)Mitsubishi GRANDIS (11)Mitsubishi GREAT (1)
Mitsubishi GTO (2)Mitsubishi i (1)Mitsubishi JEEP (2)
Mitsubishi Jr (1)Mitsubishi KC-FT510VX (1)Mitsubishi LANCER (8)
Mitsubishi LANCER CARGO (1)Mitsubishi LANCER CEDIA Wagon (2)Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (25)
Mitsubishi LEGNUM (6)Mitsubishi Mini Cab (2)Mitsubishi Minica (3)
Mitsubishi Minicab (2)Mitsubishi MINICAB TRUCK (2)Mitsubishi Mirage (1)
Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo (1)Mitsubishi Mitsubishi (1)Mitsubishi Outlander (9)
Mitsubishi PAJERO (45)Mitsubishi Pajero IO (31)Mitsubishi PAJERO JR (2)
Mitsubishi PAJERO MINI (1)Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon (2)Mitsubishi PAJEROio (2)
Mitsubishi RVR (9)Mitsubishi STRADA (1)Mitsubishi SUPER GREAT (4)
Mitsubishi Toppo (1)Mitsubishi Town Box (1)Mitsubishi Tractor (17)
Mitsubishi TRITON 4WD (2)Mitsubishi WS400A (1)

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