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Japan Partner - Car Shipping Cost

Estimated Car Shipping Cost from Nagoya to Ports Worldwide

The shipping cost below is set either per cubic metre of export size or per car.

To find shipping cost of any car you are to multiply car shipping cost per cubic metre and export size of car. You may find export size of cars in our stock list in export size column. For example export size of Nissan Primera is 10.48 cubic metres in accordance with our stock list. Car shipping cost to Port Durban (South Africa) is US$70.00 per cubic metre. This means that car shipping cost of Nissan Primera is 10.48*70 = US$734.00

If export size is not specified for the car of your interest you may consider an average value of similar cars. For example

Port Country per m3 per unit 20ft container 40ft container Details
Luanda Angola US$ 3300
Cotonue Benin US$ 2225
Accra Ghana US$ 1960
Monrovia Liberia US$ 2650 from New Jersey (not from Baltimore)
Tripoli Libyan Arab Jamahiriya US$ 2434
Klaipeda Lithuania US$ 1900
Lagos Nigeria US$ 2110
Dammam Saudi Arabia US$ 2360
Jeddha Saudi Arabia US$ 2275
Freetown Sierra Leone US$ 2710
Dar es Salaam Tanzania, United Republic of US$ 2793
Lome Togo US$ 2190

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Nissan Fairlady Z, 1990

Stock No: 27708, 300ZX Twin Turbo, 1990, 3000cc, 78260km

USD 6,450

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 25475, GT-R, 1992, 2600cc, 202300km

USD 15,995

Toyota Hilux SURF, 1992

Stock No: 27624, , 1992, 2950cc, 46500km

USD 4,880

Toyota CROWN MAJESTA, 1992

Stock No: 27402, Type B, 1992, 3000cc, 30500km

USD 4,396