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Testimonials to Japan Partner

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Manny, Japan Partner.

Thank you very much for the excellent, professional and uncompromising service.


Josh Taylor, USA Texas

Thank you! I LOVE MY CAR!!!

DEC 2014

Emmanuel Chaburuma, Tanzania

Dear Mr Voitek, Japan Partner.

I have received the Good and Nice looking My Nissan, thank you very much for making admirable in Town, keep it up Guys.

Emmanuel Chaburuma

Christopher Bockarie, Sierra Leone

Dear Mr Voitek, Japan Partner.

On behalf of my family I want to express sincere thanks to you and the Japan Partner Company for the wonderful TOYOTA LANDCRUISER I bought from you. The car arrived safely in Freetown in a fantastic condition. I can testify to would be buyers that indeed Japan Partner is not only credible but one of the best in Japan.

To that note Mr Suzuki, I am also interested in a MITSUBISHI PAJERO car from your stock. I want to use it in Ethiopia.

Hope to hear from you soon,

March 04, 2011,Christopher

Kibasa Patrick, TANZANIA

Dear Voitek, I have already collected my car since last week, it's excellent.

Thank you very much for excellent services.

With best regards,

Kibasa,P Tanzania Feb 19, 2011

Maxwell Musongole, ZAMBIA

I wish to bring to your attention that on 12th August 2010 I collected the car from Dar es Salaam. The car was in very good shape. Driving to Zambia was such a pleasure. I have since arrived back from Tanzania. I drove a distance of 2,230 km. The car is very good and it is admired by everyone.


Maxwell Musongole

Omari , KENYA

I have received my Mercedes M class ,it is excellent, everyone in the town admires it, thank you I am really happy and I will definitely keep buying cars from JAPAN PARTNER, keep up good work.

Thank you for hard work and getting me all those nice cars.



Thank you for taking care of me in Japan.

Excellent service and looking forward doing business with Japan Partner. Thank you for taking care of me in Japan, please say hello to whole team of Japan Partner.


Tunde Australian Nigerian

Amado Celestino , Angola

My name is Amado Celetino and I’m from Angola thank you Japan Partner by deliver my car on time and in the good condition you are the best count with me for the next purchase. My dear friend if want to buy a used car please get this company because they are the best.


Amado Celestino

Amado Celestino , Angola

My Toyota Avensis has just arrived and it is amazing, like a brand new car. The price was well below market value so far below that I was sure something must have been wrong with it. I was a difficult customer to deal with because I was so worried about buying a lemon. Japan Partner went out of their way to accomodate me so I could purchase with confidence. I will not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone and will purchase my next vehicle from them without a dealt. They are a fantastic company and very honest and reliable.

Thank you

Angela Alvarado

I spent 10 days with Japan Partner, buying my cars

thank you for GTR : )

My first container from Japan Partner

My second container from Japan Partner

I did receive my cars, over 20 units already and I'm very happy for it and I would like to share with everyone that Japan partner is the best and from now on you will be my car dealer thanks Japan partner. Thank you for having me on visit in JAPAN PARTNER in Japan.

Thank you

Sabath Mbuguma, TANZANIA

Dear Japan Partner.I am happy to inform you that my car at last is now in Tanzania, and registration is currently taking place. A car is amazing and everybody likes like it. So thank you so much.


Sabath Mbuguma

Gilbert K. Ng'eno , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear Voitek , Japan Partner. Let me inform you officially that i have received my car. It arrived just as i saw it on the internet..very clean, looks new and well kept.Thank you for this. Even the MP3player was intact. 


Gilbert K. Ng'eno

Moses Chege, KENYA

Dear Japan Partner. I received the honda partner just fine.


Moses Chege

Samwel Irira, Tanzania

How are you sir i thank you very much for the car i have got it it is in a very good condition and i am enjoying driving it may god bless you and increase your company abundantly.


Samwel Irira

John Mandere, Malawi

Greetings Mr Voitek
Japan Partner
I collected the car and it drives very well its a very good car. By the way does this car have an english manual for reference? Or is there anything on internet that I can refer to.


John, 12/16/2010

Mr. Tony Fandoux, New Caledonia

Hello Abror,
Japan Partner
thanks again for the car, she's really beautiful!

December 15, 2010

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Toyota CROWN MAJESTA, 1992

Stock No: 27402, Type B, 1992, 3000cc, 30500km

USD 4,396

Mitsubishi GTO, 1991

Stock No: 26841, TwinTurbo, 1991, 3000cc, 116000km

USD 6,000

Nissan SKYLINE, 1992

Stock No: 27684, GT-R 4WD, 1992, 2600cc, 104930km

USD 17,995

Nissan SKYLINE, 1991

Stock No: 27621, GT-R, 1991, 2600cc, 134500km

USD 16,895