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Dismantling used and new cars for parts and other uses

Additionally to purchase and shipping of used and brand new cars, Japan Partner Inc widens its business and services to offer our customers Dismantling option for our cars that are currently in our stock list or any other car appeared in the Japanese car auctions that are to be potentially bought, dismantled and shipped according to requests.

We can load 10-15 fully dismantled cars into 20 ft container and 20-25 fully dismantled cars into 40 ft container. In such cases Japan Partner Inc gives 10 % discount from total price of dismantled cars.

All parts are precisely labeled (chassis number written on each part) so that sort out parts of one model of the car from another one. All small plastic and glass parts including front and tale lights are carefully wrapped with plastic membrane type film to prevent scratches and deformation.

All holes, rubber tubes and pipes obligatorily and tightly taped with waterproof tape to prevent leakage and water coming in. To save the environment a gas from the cooling system of each engine is carefully removed by specially designed compressor and collected in vacuum containers.

There are several good reasons and rationale for having car dismantled and sent as parts

Cost effectiveness and cheap spare parts

Often paying for the whole car (in our stock list "car price") to be dismantled is often cheaper than ordering and paying only few parts. It is often the case that an engine and other few parts ordered separately would be more expensive if you buy and dismantle the whole car from us.

Sometimes our potential customers ask for a long list of spare parts for their cars. In order to satisfy such requests we usually buy different car spare parts and keep them in warehouses of our yard and then ship to customers nearest port. In this case it is expensive to buy parts item by item since final cost of each item (including payment of local Japanese retail sales tax, our commission and inland delivery cost within Japan) increases considerably.

Also to maximize profitability of customers business we offer "combined service" where we can load both cars and parts into the same container. We are one of the few companies in Japan who offer this kind of service helping our customers to diversify their income expectations without outsourcing such service to other companies.

For example we can load 2-3 cars (depending on the size of the cars) into 40ft container and then add 6-8 engines + 5 dismantled cars.

There are several schemes and options for dismantling cars:

Option 1. Dismantling car into separate larger parts and assys and kits (such an option assumes that a body shell of the car will not be loaded or only some parts of the body shell is loaded)

Option 2. Dismantling cars into bigger parts: engine with transmission, front and back axle, inside panel, doors, seats, large car body parts, electric parts

Option 3. Dismantling cars into large items: nose cut, back cut, roof cut, large car body parts, electric parts

Option 4. Dismantling car without cutting for the purpose of further assembling and for other purposes in the country of residence of the customer. All parts including body shell of the car dismantled and loaded into container so that ready for further assembly

Free Option. Customer requests its own schemes and options for dismantling cars

Custom and import regulations

Custom and import regulations of some countries are often don't allow to bring cars which either don't meet certain restrictions in production year (not older than 3, 7, 10 years old) or other requirements as safety or exhausts gas compliance standards. By having the car dismantled, you can either bring the parts for the popular cars currently driven in those countries or assemble the cars back in your country and register it without dealing with local custom.

Please note that we are not responsible for complying with your local laws and regulations, payment of your domestic fees and payments.

Parts for high-performance cars

Great way to source parts for high-performance cars. Half-cuts would be probably the most popular part ordered for high performance cars and we provide our customers with this option.

Here how an order for the parts will be processed:

You check our stock list and pick cars for dismantling or engines or parts in our inventory that you wish to purchase

• You inform us of your choice of shipping either 20ft or 40ft container and your shipping destination port so we could check with our shipping agent and issue the invoice. The invoice will contain 4 different price items:

    1. Car only price - the price that can be seen on our stock list (NOT FOB price) but car price. For bulk parts orders (20ft and 40ft container) 10% discount will be provided to the car price
      Dismantling cost - roughly $250 per car (our dismantling cost is the lowest in the industry)
      FOB Cost - (that will include arranging customs and shipping documents, loading your cars and parts into container and then loading your container onto the ship. FOB cost will be $1,500 for a 20ft container with the parts or $2,000 for 40ft container with the parts.
      Ocean Freight (container shipping cost to your port) at the standard rate depending on destination port
      OPTIONAL (insurance) for your shipment. It is optional and will be around $200 for a container shipment

  • Example

    Here is the cost structure example of 20 ft container order for parts shipped to LONG BEACH California, USA for 10 dismantled cars taken from our stock list:

    # Description Amount
    1. List of cars
    Stock #00000 Skyline R32 GTS-T Type M $8,800
    Stock #00000 Skyline R32 GTS-T Type M $6,500
    Stock #00000 Skyline R32 GTS-T Type M $7,000
    Stock #00000 Honda Civic $1,800
    Stock #00000 Honda Civic $2,000
    Stock #00000 Honda Civic $1,500
    Stock #00000 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo $1,800
    Stock #00000 Subaru Legacy Twin Turbo $6,000
    Stock #00000 Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo $5,500
    Stock #00000 Subaru Impreza Twin Turbo $5,300
    2. Total cost of cars $46,200
    3. Dismantling Cost 10 cars x $150 per car $1,500
    4. FOB Cost for 20ft container $1,500
    5. Ocean Freight to Long Beach $2,500
    (Line 2 - Line 3 + Line 4 + Line 5 + Line 6)

    Here you will find prices for cars for dismantling.

    Our latest stock items!

    Yanmar Tractor used car
    Yanmar Tractor YM1610D - N/A, Diesel
    Steer.:Right, Price: USD 2,610
    Yanmar Tractor used car
    Yanmar Tractor YM2002D - N/A, Diesel
    Steer.:Right, Price: USD 4,000
    Mitsubishi GRANDIS used car
    Mitsubishi GRANDIS - 2003
    Steer.:Right, Price: USD 1,530

    Toyota Aristo used car
    Toyota Aristo - 1998
    Steer.:Right, Price: USD 1,470


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