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Japan Partner - Shipping Service

Shipping service

We will have two choices how to ship your car:

1) Pick it up yourself from one of our yards. Once the payment is confirmed we will send you a map to our yard and if necessary can help you load your car onto the transport you arranged for yourself.

2) We can arrange a shipping for you either in a special "Car Ferry" ship or in a container:

a) Shipping in a Car Ferry ship: Can be done by ROLL ON & ROLL OFF (RO/R) method. If you want to ship your car by this method - in most cases your car MUST BE DRIVABLE since it will have to go on its own power from and into the ship. Sometimes shipping companies can accept ROLLING CARS - (the cars that can roll on its tires). Please check with our sales manager if you want to know more details about it. The FOB cost for this kind of shipment is 50,000 yen (Please note that most of the companies charge 70,000 - 90,000 yen)

b) Shipping in a container: Your car can be loaded either in 20ft or 40 ft container. It is safer to ship cars in a container but might cost you more to do so. Another advantage of shipping in a container - you can ship also damaged not-rolling cars. Please note that you can fit up to 3 cars into 40ft container. The FOB cost for your container shipment will depend what cars and what conditions of the cars you are loading.

c) We also offer "spare parts" service and can ship spare parts either in your car (with RO/RO method or in a container. Please note that if it is RO/RO shipping company allows only replacements for damaged parts. So with this method we can only include replacement parts for the damaged car.

If you chose to ship in a container - we can ship more parts in both cars and outside (if space allows).

If you have any additional questions about out shipping service please feel free to contact our Sales manager

Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you

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Our latest stock items!

Nissan SKYLINE used car
Nissan SKYLINE GT-R - 1989
Steer.:Right, Price: USD 15,855

2600CC, PS, PW, Twin Turbo, 4WD, Manual 5 speed, ABS
Toyota SOARER used car
Toyota SOARER GT Twin Turbo - 1991
Steer.:Right, Price: USD 6,695

TWIN TURBO, Low mileage - 72,000 kms, Good exterior and interior condition, Free storage untill July 2006 (when this car becomes legal for USA import)
Nissan SKYLINE used car
Nissan SKYLINE GT-R - 1991
Steer.:Right, Price: USD 24,150

low mileage - only 45,300 km, The newest 1991/1 GT-R you can bring to the USA, R34 Face GTR, , 2600cc TWIN TURBO, 4WD, DVD Player,Sports Air Filter, Turbo Timer, Nomo Sports Steering, 19 inch R34 GTR Alloy wheels, Z-Tune R34 face
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution used car
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution RS EVOLUTION VI - 1999
Steer.:Right, Price: USD 6,920

2000cc, PS, Turbo, 4wd, Manual 5 Speed, After market steering

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