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Japan Partner - How to order

Welcome to Japan Partner site "How to Order" page. Please read the below mentioned explanation on how to order a car from us and let us know if you have any additional questions.


You can view our stock without registering however once you decide to buy a car you must register in order to place an order. Please note that the more information you provide during registration - the better service we can provide you. Bolded fields marked with * asterisk must be filled out in order to complete registration.


Once you are registered at Japan Partner you may log in using your selected login name and password.

Placing an order

Select a car you are interested in and order it. Please pay attention to the status of the car. There are following statuses: "Available" - the car is available for sale; "Sold BPNC" - this car has been sold, but payment has not been confirmed yet. There is a chance that this car will be back in the stock if the payment is not confirmed. After clicking on a stock number you will be taken to car description page that will provide you with all technical and condition information regarding the car you are interested in. Please read all the information carefully and examine the pictures for the car that you are interested in. If you didn't log in as a member before, you will be asked to type your log in name and password in order to proceed with your order. If you are confident that you want to buy a car that you liked, you need to press "ORDER" button. Once you press "ORDER" button- you will be taken to the order page. On the order page there will be a summary for your order. Select terms of delivery and shipping destination port. The estimated total invoice cost will ne immediatly displayed. You can also provide additional comments/instructions regarding shipping and handling in the "comment" area. If everything is OK please press "ORDER" and then "Confirm". Once order is placed you will receive a confirmation email regarding the order you made.

How to order

Wait for our decision on your order

Please note that confirmation email is not a guarantee that you can purchase this car. Wait for our decision on your order for this car. It may be already booked by another customer, or your offered price does not suit us. Our sales manager will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order. You will also have a chance to negotiate for the car price, and offer the amount that you can afford. However there is a good chance that you won't be able to buy this car if somebody offers a higher amount (our asking price) or our sales manager wouldn't authorize the purchase if the amount is not satisfactory for Japan Partner.


You provide us your confirmation that you intend to purchase this car on the selected terms of delivery and negotiated price. You may make it by email, by phone or by fax. Please note that our company is located in Japan and there is a chance that nobody is in office now. So sometimes confirming by email may be even faster than confirming by fax. Pay attention on the box in the right upper corner of the site showing Japanese time on the moment of opening page. What ever the time is shown there you still welcome placing an order.

Issuing Invoice

Once our sales manager contacts you and price is confirmed - the invoice will be issued and you will be notified through the email. Also you may find on our site printable version of this invoice in your member's section.


You will need to complete the payment for your car by the bank transfer within 48 hours from the invoice reception and fax us bank transfer confirmation sheet (we should receive the fax confirmation the payment within 48 hours and for the actual payment it takes 2-5 days to reach our account). All payments must be made through the bank transfer to the mentioned on the invoice bank account. Once the payment is confirmed the status of the car changes to "SOLD" and you become a proud owner of that car.

Shipping Arrangements

Once we confirm your payment we proceed to arranging the shipping of your car and book the first available vessel going to your port. Once the booking is complete we inform you of the booking details by email.

Sending Shipping Documents

Three days after the vessel leaves Japanese port we express mail you by EMS or FEDEX shipping related documenets B&L (Bill of Lading), Deregistration Certificate (main car technical and ownership document) and the invoice.

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